Tuesday 23 July 2019

Mini project update

Stories of my death are vastly exaggerated.

... but admittedly, things haven't exactly been going as smooth as I would have hoped.

In short:

1) The XS-Triple is still in the workshop getting a set of absolutely smoking hot headers built for it. Plus some general maintenance.

2) The Everyday TR1 got some new rear brake shoes after I wore the old ones nearly down to the metal and I am playing around with a different carb needle (6MF46) and this one seems to be the perfect middle ground between 6FJ40 and 6FJ41. You may soon see some rants (and subsequently fixes) to the reinforced clutch as things have spiraled a bit out of control midrange-torque-wise. (Not complaining just some more work...) Also the oil-pressure-switch is leaking a bit and I have to address that rather sooner than later.

3) The Dre-XT-Stück is doing what it does best, it just works. Fiddled a bit with the idle and other than that just keep adding fuel and pouring in oil. I scored most of the parts that I need to build a quick XT600 engine over the Winter.

4) Sideprojects: The turbo will get done rather sooner than later and then the turbo-setup will be for sale. So if you're lusting over a ready-to-bolt-on turbo-kit use the e-mail address and drop me a line as I have some other plans for the bike to do some testing. My dad's CX500 is due to finally get done and be put on the road so we can work out its issues over the Winter.

Normal program will commence soon.