Sunday 27 September 2020

Everyday TR1 - Long Distance Riding Mods (pt. 1.1)

 ... or why don't you just fit XV750SE footpeg holders and be done with it?

Because it isn't that simple. (It never is, eh? 😉)

As a matter of fact, the right one should be a straight fit, except maybe for the exhaust holder, but that's something that could be solved with the power of waterjet-cutting (a new hanger), but all in all that's well within reason. 

(Yes to be fully precise it's lacking a fill-in-plate, but we'll file that under minor differences.)

The elephant in the room is the left side: 

First of all it's missing a fill-in-plate with the mounting hole going through the sprocket cover, which holds the engine to the frame - so it's not exactly superfluous - and then I am not sure, if it would interfere with the engine as it sits a lot further to the front. And then once more the exhaust hanger wouldn't fit and I am not entirely sure the rear subframe mounting point is in the same spot.

Sunday 20 September 2020

Everyday TR1 - Long Distance Riding Mods (pt. 1)

So the Bumblebee has done it's first 2500km and a quick oil-change was due.

And if your drainplug looks like this you've either already wiped it off or you did a proper job in rebuilding that engine...

After the maintenance side of things was taken care of, a new set of (higher) handlebars together with an additional 25mm raiser-block had to be fitted. In black: LSL Streetbar high and underneath it my new Fehling LN33. (The internet will gladly serve you the specs, but be forewarned, if filtering between cars is your thing, neither of them is what you want.)

Pictures don't quite do it justice. This is a tall setup and means you end up with a very nice upright seating position, but now the pegs are really in the wrong position and the knee angle is too tight. 

Now many years ago I owned a TR1 named "Faust" (because of the inscription on the sidecovers - yep the same ones still installed on this one!) As it was originally owned by a certain someone, who was close to 7ft, it featured some unique mods. One of which was to put the footpegs forward by 120mm.

The brake-pedal is off a Virago 1100, but to the best of my knowledge, it's the same as fitted to an XV750SE. 

And in case you wondered how I ended up with those 120mm - that's simply where the kink in the pedal is.

And kindly enough, Yamaha already planned for some 30mm of offset to the side in the XV750SE gear-lever, giving me enough room for a nice adapter.

Talking of the actual forward controls, they are still well hidden within this ally plate:

So that's all for this week folks - but if everything goes smooth, there might even be a midweek update though. And no, don't worry the old girl isn't going to be turned into some mild-mannered cruiser next, but she's gonna get used for a lot more long-distance riding and considering that the original Faust's seating position was the next best thing to a hot bath on a cold Winter evening...