Sunday 27 September 2020

Everyday TR1 - Long Distance Riding Mods (pt. 1.1)

 ... or why don't you just fit XV750SE footpeg holders and be done with it?

Because it isn't that simple. (It never is, eh? 😉)

As a matter of fact, the right one should be a straight fit, except maybe for the exhaust holder, but that's something that could be solved with the power of waterjet-cutting (a new hanger), but all in all that's well within reason. 

(Yes to be fully precise it's lacking a fill-in-plate, but we'll file that under minor differences.)

The elephant in the room is the left side: 

First of all it's missing a fill-in-plate with the mounting hole going through the sprocket cover, which holds the engine to the frame - so it's not exactly superfluous - and then I am not sure, if it would interfere with the engine as it sits a lot further to the front. And then once more the exhaust hanger wouldn't fit and I am not entirely sure the rear subframe mounting point is in the same spot.

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