Sunday 31 July 2016

End of July project overview

Right, the blog has gone quiet again for about two weeks, but I have a good reason for that:

  • I have officially been accepted to run the Turbo TR1 at the Glemseck 101 in the so called "Sprint International" class. Which basically means, additionally to my normal work, I am now rebuilding the turbo bike to be not only working, but race ready and just as you'd expect there's lots of new issues coming up.
  • Additionally I took on a cafe racer showbike(-ish) build and built multiple sets of 2in1 exhausts for XV750ies and TR1s. 
  • If that weren't enough, my dad's new XT 500 Dre-XT-Stück's carbs gave us more than a fair share of headache and have well eaten into the amount of time I have available for the blog.
  • And lastly I've been fettling with my SR500 hack's sidecar mounts a bit, as I deemed them to be a bit flimsy and I have to get a new Austrian MOT (TÜV) for it. 

All of those four topics will be covered in more detail in separate blog entries in the coming days...

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