Saturday 11 August 2018

Aprilia Moto 6.5 - fixing the carb of #2

So my dad might have bought another Moto 6.5 late last year, because it was a series two, which had some incredibly Italian upgrades such as: A fuel pump, which means you can actually use more than 2/3s of the fuel tank. Altered jetting so it uses less fuel and a slightly different plus some other minor fixes. Oh and also because it had a little flaw, which made it come in at the right price.

There's no photographic evidence of how we moved the upgraded parts from #1 around, i.e. the Suzuki rear shock and the forks with stiffer springs, but it was quite a job, trust me. We thought we could pull this off in a full day, it turned out it was more like two and a half days...

As you may know, the engine in the Moto 6.5 is not the same as in an Aprilia Pegaso or a BMW F650, as the Moto 6.5 got the real deal 5-valve, twin-cam hot-rod Rotax single, which admittedly goes like stink.

Now the reason this bike was so cheap was because someone (presumably when taking the carb out), had sheared off the cable holder directly at the carb. This part is nla from both Aprilia and BMW, but (and here comes a bit of world knowledge) the same BST40 carb is installed in various KTM LC4 models of the very late 90ies to early 00s. You see the spare-part number below. (Just tell them it's for a 2001 KTM LC4 Adventure 640 and you're golden. Oh and the part is a whopping 5,30€ at the time when this post was written.)

Goes into the threaded hole on the bottom left. That's also where the pre-owner glued in the choke plunger with some superglue. 

With that done it was time for some hooning round the yard and yes, it goes like stink. Honestly, these things are FAST for a single. (Terrible to work on, but fast...) Unfortunately my dad has turned down the request to fit a TM40 flatslide on the other and find out just HOW FAST we can make her go ... 

With this Moto 6.5 now bearing the greasy seal of approval, it's time to get back to the secret project that's going on at GreasyGreg headquarters... because my dad got another new bike.

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