Sunday 10 October 2021

Long range touring mods Mk.2

Just like any good idea, the basic idea behind my long range touring forwards controls was sound, but the implementation left room for some improvements.

 A bit of CAD-work...

... and quite a bit of manual work.

And the first side looks rather promising.

Aside from being too long. (220mm forwards are just too much and there would be no room for the shift lever.) Trimmed off 20mm and now everything clears...

The rear brake lever was not quite so lucky. 

So a quick verdict: The shift lever is a tad too long (I can *just* reach it with my toes, when shifting up) and the rear brake lever needs to be lowered. These are all just minor details that have to be addressed, nothing serious really. The elephant in the room is the fact that the current bars are too low and as a result the seating position is not quite what I had in mind for this bike. I'll do the mods and then probably try it out at a later date to find out, whether it's comfy enough then, but to be honest, for daily use, I'll revert to the stock footpegs.

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