Sunday 24 March 2024

Project Pickle - carb-work, filter and the suspicion the ol' boy might be invincible (part 6)

Invincible is a mighty big word to say about roughly 900kg of rusty metal on wheels, but once you've seen what came out of the petrol tank and given the fact that it still ran, at the very least it well earned its chromed tank cap. 

So far it can be assumed that it's common knowledge that the last owner took some very "pragmatic" approaches to problem solving. What you see below is a widely available OEM fuel filter for Suzuki SJ and Samurai carburettor models. It has a very distinct shape to trap water and debris at the very bottom. It makes the carb work a lot better, when it is present at the car.

... and to defuse potential future fire hazards the worst of the brittle and cracked fuel lines were replaced in the engine bay. (Together with another pre-filter, because the pump makes plenty pressure to be honest.)

Remember that invincible comment from the beginning? This is what came out of the tank.

Nope it wasn't looking this black, because it was under the car... pretty sure the little Pickle picked up QUITE A FEW horsies, with some fresh fuel in the tank. Started up way easier too. (Nope, I do not wonder why.)

Whilst fiddling with the fuel lines in the engine bay, I found this little surprise:

As I was informed by quite a few people "in the know", fitting an LJ80 head to a SJ410 was a common thing back in the day and is meant to bump up the compression from sensible to spicy... 

 For those wondering: I am in the middle of the rust repairs and whilst making some fairly good progress, it'll be a bit longer until I can show some positive results on this front, so this is in fact a bit of a throw back from about a month ago...

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