Monday 22 February 2016

My path towards (not exactly) Yamaha's greatest engine

This story goes back way longer than actually me driving motorcycles. Years ago, I was about 15(-ish), I saw my very first flat-black v-twin motorcycle in my hometown. It took a while to get to know the owner and years later I happened to become the owner of said motorcycle. The bike in question was a Yamaha TR1. Yamaha's very first attempt at building a V-twin but back then not exactly aimed at the cruiser market, but meant as a big naked touring bike aimed against BMW's R100 and the big Guzzis of the era.

A TR1 named Faust from the side ...

... and from the rear.

 Over the course of time I ended up with multiple of those unreliable heaps. And just to make matters worse I started tuning the buggers and ultimately sticking a turbo on one. But this is another story...

The TR1 Turbo

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