Sunday 24 December 2017

Project "pretty one" - finishing

Well, Merry Christmas dad. So this week on Monday, I secretly sneaked into my dad's garage and finally completed the "pretty one". It was more than just a tad cold which made certain tasks... interesting.

The starting point:

(Auto-)Decompressor cable fitted. Note to self: Take measurments next time and maybe solder a spare.

Chain and front sprocket fitted.

Fitting the carbs and airfilter hoses was the toughest job and I honestly failed on the right side, so that hose will need re-doing, but the rubber was roughly as stiff as hard plastic.

As I found out, it's a lot easier to install the carb from the right without the header pipes installed, so the headers were next.

And that's what she looks like with her clothes back on:

And there you go dad. Still enough cleaning left to do to keep you entertained over Christmas and the following points are still open:
  • needs oil
  • right airfilter hose needs to be re-done when it's warmer
  • battery-eliminator (condenser instead of the battery needs to be found)
  • new engine breather hose as it cracked during install (did I mention it was "a tad" cold?)
Well, Merry Chrimbo to you all.