Tuesday 16 March 2021

The XV sidecar - connecting the dots (part 7)

So last time we left off with the lathe work being done on the front mount, but still some milling to be done.

Testfitting the strut to see if it fits nice and tight.

And fitted in place. The little stub will be the holder for the right downtube of the subframe. But for fabrication reasons, this has not been fitted yet. 

The rear mount followed the same basic principle, but inverted. I turned a M16x2 bung that would be a press-fit inside one of the tubes...

And then turned and milled the male clevis-mount part to screw into the tube to give me a bit of extra adjustment.

Next was to make a rear subframe that would bolt to the main frame, but not to the detachable (stock) rear subframe. 

Then I found out that I had to shorten the rear strut. (Why cut it out in the middle you may ask? That's got to do with the fact that it is now sleeved on the inside and this would have been more difficult, if I did it at the bottom of the strut. Mainly because I would very likely have terribly escalated and re-engineered the bottom clevis mount...)

The next challenge was to make a proper rear subframe.


Only to find out that the strut had to be shortened once more.

But then it was time to put the old girl on her wheels and roll her out of the garage.

Looks terribly crooked and incredibly flimsy, but she's on her wheels and now stored in the garage next door, because I really have to fix up the broken XT600 engine of Dre-XT-Stück in the coming days.

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