Saturday 23 September 2017

Everyday TR1 - The Tractor gets softer carb return springs and an outlook

As you might have guessed...
... this is a rather short post. 😏

The long version: The three VM36es on the XS Triple sidecar are WAY easier on the throttle than the twin VM38s. So I gave the local Mikuni a call and asked for softer springs and here they are: VM34/55 springs (from a VM34) are only a 1.3mm instead of 1.6mm wire-gauge and thus are notably softer. Do you feel the difference? Absolutely.

What's in store for the Tractor over the Winter I hear you ask? Well thanks for asking, I'll build (more re-house) the engine in a new set of cases plus a new set of cylinders and pistons. I still haven't gotten around checking up those XV700 heads, but I'd love to use those instead of the old 750ies and some minor suspension work and a bit of cosmetics, mainly a new tail-light (thinking about going down the route of a Lucas-style tail-light) and repainting the fuel tank as good TR1 fuel tanks are a bit hard to find. If I happen to have a lot of time on my hands, I may end up copying the old Faust-mid-controls for long-range touring.

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