Wednesday 27 September 2017

The XS Triple Sidecar - ignition maintenance

Now after having lived with the "new" XS Triple Sidecar it's still mostly about slowly, yet steadily ironing out all the little quirks and nuisances .

First thing to do: Tighten up that front mudguard as it came loose after some preeeeeetty quick corners I've done.

And then it was on to tackling the ignition, which in all fairness was done quicker than typing all of this.

Remove the cover.

The amount of rust wasn't too comforting, but not unexpected.

An impact bit driver was absolutely necessary.

Ignition baseplate is held on with three M6x12 bolts, which I am going to replace with standard hex hardware as they were well seized up. (And mind you the engine was warm as were the cases!)

Checked the timing with a strobe and as expected: It was off by a bit. (At idle the cylinder's corresponding "F"-mark should align.)

Plenty of penetrating oil to lube the mechanical advancer.

... and the cover is held on with three M6x30 bolts, which are also due for replacement. 

Next was removing the sidecar brake and tightening up some fasteners, but that's another post.

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