Sunday 17 September 2017

The other XS Triple Sidecar - final cosmetic touches and Hitachi carb install [FOR SALE]

Well, I'll start with a bit of disappointment for you straight away: There are no pics on how to install the Hitachi carbs, because it is pretty straight forward. Only thing to remember: All the rubbers on the airbox are at least 35 years old and are pretty stiff. A bit of the classic heatgun/hairdryer and lube treatment will help you there. Except from that, the job might be easier if you undo the battery box and slide it back, but it's doable with it in place as well.

That being said, huge thanks to my dad for doing all the polishing on the exhaust and mudguards, because as you might have noticed with my own bikes: I ain't one much for polishing unless engine internals are involved.

And yes, this bike is for sale, as hinted by the youtube-clip AND the label underneath. If you fancy it, it has got full German paper work, no TÜV, but as you can confirm with the various blog posts, all consumables are new, so new TÜV should be absolutely no problem. Pretty much the same goes for registering it in Austria as it is also completely set up for that as well. Drop me an email (see address on the right) or a comment, if you want to buy it and I'll get back to you.

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