Friday 2 November 2018

Dre-XT-Stück - reverting stuff (part 5.1)

Last time you saw me swapping that airbox. Now we're swapping it back, because it had turned out, that despite the seller's claim that it was an early 43F airbox, it was a later 2KF one, which is about 15mm wider on each side.

The elepahant in the room was the fact that old airbox had a lot of "extra venting" or in other words, it was cracked in multip places. 2-part epoxy didn't make it look any prettier, but at least it's sealed for now. (Until it cracks again, but then I will probably use some sort of seam-sealer or gasket goo.)

 Just as last time: In order to get the airbox out, the rear shock has to be disconnected and out of the way. Unlike last time, this time I did with an engine hoist and promptly one of the straps snapped. (No harm was done, but it s*cked big time.)

As the old glue wouldn't come off, a bit of the old flat black made it look nice(r).

K&N YA6084 ftw. 

Stock airfilter with the outer foam removed and the inner crumbling and falling apart. Some people will (quite rightfully) point out, that the K&N isn't quite the first choice for offroad use, as you can't put a sock over it, but I'll work on that, when I really get to a place sandy enough. (Over here it's mostly packed dirt and mud...)

The one thing missing in those pictures is the fact that I welded up the kickstart-stop on the right footpeg, because that was completely hammered away and repaired a broken lug on the sidecover. As I did a nice 100km roundtrip on the old girl yesterday and found nothing else except for a really well worn seat: That's it for now until I find a nice XT600 engine and maybe some extra time to re-upholster the seat.

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