Sunday 11 November 2018

Everyday TR1 - etymological explorations of the word "Gestaltungsanlass"

German, the language that turns beautiful words like "Farfalla" into "S-C-H-M-E-T-T-E-R-L-I-N-G" (literally, little crushy thing), but also provides words like Zeitgeist and Gestaltungsanlass. Now the latter is when due to an external input you are forced to redesign something (superficial).

So in short, as the angle of the dangle wasn't up to spec...

I had to re-angle the numberplate to be more upright.

Now in all honesty this looks absolutely horrible. So a better solution had to be found and it came in form of a lovely Guzzi Falcone taillight and holder. But first a few holes had to be filled.

A bit of old copper plate as a backing does the job nicely. 

 Some grinder action and lots of paint later and the fix becomes invisible to the casual observer.

I like the look of that old Guzzi taillight...

I admit the solution with pipe-clamps and thick rubber hose might be absolute overkill, but in all fairness, this is my daily... 

Additionally there was a slight whine coming from the front cylinder (I am fully aware, that the pictures show the rear one, but lighting isn't what it used to be in my workshop and opening the door means letting the cold in – no good fun), turns out the bolt, which is clamping the bearing (in stock form just a bushing) wasn't as tight as the rear one, which then reminded me of some trouble I had getting the bearing all the way in as the bearing seat was a wee bit tight.

As I am using a different breather arrangement than stock, I also got rid of the splash guard on the camshaft sprocket. Let's see if I regret that decision shortly, but as I have a very steep breather-tube, I think this should be ok. Additionally it makes finding TDC on the camshaft easier. 

The verdict is still out on these last two mods, but if that was it, that would shorten the task list rather nicely on the Everyday TR1 – basically only consisting of a new tach and speedo (with better lighting) and a respray of the fuel tank with some proper 2-pack-paint.


  1. Ah, German! A language that turns a simple "tram stop" into so much more!

    1. You mean like S-T-R-A-S-S-E-N-B-A-H-N-H-A-L-T-E-S-T-E-L-L-E ? ;-)

  2. Yep! Stupidly long word for such a simple thing!