Wednesday 1 January 2020

Project outlook 2020

I don't do New Year's resolutions, but I did a bit of planning and maybe this will give you a bit of an idea of what to expect.

I'll postpone the engine-build towards Summer as the engine is running fine and not consuming as much oil as I dreaded. What I will tackle though is the swap to go to some Mk.1 GSXR750 flatslides. Mainly because they have an accelerator pump and this will allow me to run them a bit leaner overall and thus get better mileage. Even though, when used sensibly the sidecar is doing quite well with under 9L/100km considering it's size and frontal cross-section. Also I am still looking into the option of building a battery tray for a car battery as I hope to attend a certain winter motorcycle meeting in the Alps and a bit more starting power won't do harm. (And I already have all the parts necessary, I just have to find time to do it.)

Everyday TR1
Expect a post on how to overhaul the stock TCI (ignition box) rather soon, including lots of info you never wanted to know about how it works and which other cheap options you have for TCIs and other TCIs that will actually fit with rather minimal hassle.
Addendum: If you have a broke XV500, 700, 750, 920, 1000 or 1100 TCI and want to get rid of it, please let me know. I can't promise a repair, but it will definitely help with research.

The turbo will move over to the other side of the engine, where it is less intrusive and the oil-drain is easier and I really want to road-register it. I haven't fully worked out the how, but I have a few ideas. This will obviously also involve some work to get it road-worthy in a more traditional sense (indicators, horn, etc.), but if that's what it takes...

Dre-XT-Stück XT600
This old girl is actually mostly done. It will get a sprocket support bracket rather soon, a bit of tweaking on the carb and the rear-shock and I will adapt a pannier rack to increase the everyday-usability-factor.

Other projects
The Stinkerle shall be brought into a running state rather sooner than later and then its future fate will be decided. And then there's a special project I am doing with my dad, which currently ranks highest on the priorities' list, but as it is top secret I can obviously not give away any infos. All I can tell you, that its fairing and accessories almost way the same as the complete Stinkerle.

So there you have it -  what's to be expected in 2020. (At least the stuff I know already.)

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