Saturday 25 January 2020

XV Ignition Intermission - parts list for metal box ignitions (pt.4)

I am not going to say this is the moment you all have been waiting for, but I have a (for now) preliminary parts list of the J4T00671 and J4T00672 boxes. I haven't had the time to check the caps on a second box, hence this being preliminary information for now.

As you can see, the board is only populated on one side. Both the ceramic and epoxy caps have not been checked by me and I only went with what was printed on them. In reality most likely only the electrolytic caps will be relevant for swapping anyway, if you're really unlucky then a transistor might have gone south as well. But after having chatted with some other people, who tried their luck in fixing these, resoldering (obviously) wonky solder joints has done the trick for them.

Main Transistors (2)
2 x 1D1 ETD51-030 -> substitute BU941ZT

Logic ICs (10)
3x TC4001BP (NAND Gate, 4 gates, 2 input, 1 output)
3x TC4011BP (NOR Gate, 4 gates, 2 input, 1 output)
4x UPC451C (Quad-op-amp)

Electrolytic Capacitors (12)

9 x 1.0μF 50v
2 x 0.22μF 50v
1 x 4.7μF 50v

Ceramic Capacitors (23)
8 x 102 (1000 pF)
5 x 103 (10000pF)
7 x 223 (22000pF)
2 x 472K (4700pF)
1 x 473M (47000pF)

Epoxy Capacitors (6)
3 x 104K (100000pF)
2 x 153K (15000pF)
1 x 103k (10000pF)

The numbers in brackets are the total amount of components and are really just meant as a sanity check for me to make sure I've covered all of them. Should you find errors, please feel free to post a comment and I'll recheck and update this post.


  1. Starting my own repair this weekend.....great information. thanks!!

    1. Perfect - let me know how it went please!

  2. I counted to two (2) x 4.7μF 50v capacitors. That would also make the count of 12 correct in your list :). Just ordered the caps and have previously ordered the main transistors. I did however purchase the ST901T transistors (based on this since the BU941ZT's where simply veery expensive. Will let you know if I have any luck with this :). Thank you for all your effort(s)!

    1. Oh, one more thing. Noticed that the "4.7uF" actually where "0.47 uF". What epoxy capacitors did you go for? Hard fining the 3% tolerance ones that are on the bike originally.

  3. Absolutely - please let me know how they perform! (Always open for a less expensive and more readily available component. Also sorry for the late response.)