Saturday 18 January 2020

XV Ignition Intermission - getting the board out of the case (pt.2)

Now this may seem a bit trivial, but if you are the careful type like me, let me tell you one thing: The conformal coating has been applied rather liberally and as such even some things, which you wouldn't expect to stick together are actually sticking together, like the heatsink and the case.

The box the pictures have been take with, has never been opened and was (prior to me opening it up) in pristine condition.

When you flip it over, you will be able to see four tabs, which can be bent out of the way with a large flatblade screwdriver.

The cover-plate itself might be a bit sticky and may need a bit of prying and levering to be removed.

In order to remove the board from the case not only the four plainly visible screws have to be removed, but also the two, which hold the heatsink of the transistors to the case.

In my case the heatsink was stuck to case rather firmly with the conformal coating paint and a bit of prying with a thin screwdriver was unavoidable. 

The rubber, which guides the cables through was glued to the case as well.

And this is the empty shell you are left with in the end. Now in order to get the mother- and daughterboard apart, a few holding tabs have to be straightened out.


After trying it both ways, it seems to be better to only bend the ones on the top board, as it will be easier to split both halves.

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