Sunday, 24 April 2016

Everyday TR1 - clutch mods

Originally I always intended to use the bike that eventually became the Turbo TR1 as my test-mule and if the mods work out, transfer them to the Everyday-TR1. Well, things don't always go to plan, do they?

Two things bothered me seriously last year: firstly the bars on my Everyday-TR1 as I just couldn't find any that were both comfortable on the neck and my wrists (after dropping my bike about two years ago and bending the bars that I had fitted back then)  and secondly the heavy clutch-pull.

With the bars sorted last time, this mainly left me with the clutch. As I pointed out a while ago, I milled the inner clutch hub's spring posts flush with the outer ring. (I thought!) Turns out, I must have milled them down too far and in fact they were about one  millimetre below the outer ring. This in turns means that I had an extra millimetre of preload on the springs (which were stiffer aftermarket items as well!) Plus, I had put a washer on the springs adding another mill of preload, all of which resulted in a VERY MANLY clutch-pull.

Now the lesson learned is: my spare clutch basket will be milled down to one millimetre ABOVE the ring and put this clutch basket into the Turbo TR1 as that will need any bit of clutch pressure it can get.

So the solution for now is not very elegant, but successful: I swapped the washers around and now there's about three millimetres less preload or in otherwords, approx one mill above the ring.

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