Thursday, 12 January 2017

SR500 hack - She's like the wind...

... as in: she's sold. Naturally the stubborn old girl decided NOT to play along and cut out on her last journey to my workshop. So a bit fettling was due the next day. (Because of course you brake down late in the evening, when it's cold and dark!)

My first suspicion was that the central nut on rotor had come loose, even though I was pretty certain, that I used Loctite last time. (Nope all good)

Then I grabbed a bottle of my preferred penetrating oil to lube up some of the plugs on the bike and what did I find: A little sign from my (better) half... Which now brings up the problem: May I ever throw away that bottle or how can it be refilled?

As a matter of fact, the problem turned out not to be electrical, but way more down to Earth: Fuel filter was clogged up from the water in the tank. (One of the downsides of using the bike in every weather!)

An SR500-carb can be taken apart directly on the bike as long as the patented carb-repair-hammer is used. (Please ignore all the tools on the left in the picture.)

And there you have it: Muffs removed and the bike's ready to go again.


  1. Why did you sell such a perfect machine?!

  2. Why did you sell such a perfect machine?!

  3. I am "almost" done building the XS Triple hack and that will be my substitute for this one. Also I have to admit, my life has changed a bit and I need a sidecar, which is capable of doing Autobahn-speeds for a while, which unfortunately the SR-hack can't.