Saturday, 2 September 2017

Project "pretty one" - making some educated guess work

Do you remember those instances, when you tried to sneak out of handing in your homework in school by blaming it on your pet? Well I only ever had guinea pigs and cats and both didn't bother much with my books.Well, the same has happened to this post, as I somehow must have copied the contents of the sidecar post over this one.

Anyway, last time we left off, we concluded that the cylinder didn't look too bad and that probably a bit of measuring and a hone-job would take care of the rest.

Just like a surgeon, it was about time to lay out the tools.

Tool #1 that was necessary was a 75-100mm micrometer for measuring the piston diameter and...

 ... setting up the internal micrometer to measure the actual bore and more importantly wear on the cylinder.

And the cylinder checks out more or less the same value from top to bottom and isn't bottled at all. Or in other words: Good to use again.

A little scrape with the hone to give those new rings something to bite into...

... and the diameter only changed 1/100th mm.

Next time there's a bit of cleaning and a new set of piston rings waiting.

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