Sunday, 28 February 2016

My everyday TR1

 Some pix of my everday TR1 in its 2016 guise. It currently sports a polished GreasyGreg Mk.6 exhaust (yep it took me a few attempts to get it really right) and Mikuni VM38-9 carbs, which amazingly only needed very gentle re-jetting to make them work. It's (of course) taken to the full 1063cc via a Virago 1100 crank and pistons, but in order to my the old girl fly I run it with XV750 heads to bump up the compression to a  healthy 10.1:1 instead of the stock 7.8:1 for a Virago 1100.

Yes, the right sidepanel is missing in the picture...

Showing off a shiny downpipe and a sporty VM38

XS400SE rear mudguard

XT600 43F/2KF rearshock
Oh and that V-twin does sound quite nice too...

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