Monday, 22 February 2016

Who's this GreasyGreg guy anyway?

Pretty good question Wattson. Well, the name's Greg, I am from Linz, Austria and I love bikes and other wheeled vehicles, which are proper fast or at the very least feel fast.

I admit I've got a soft spot for older stuff, mainly not only because it's what I can afford, but it's simple to fix and it's what I played around with in the last years. Therefore my stable's mostly home to assorted old two-wheeled junk, none of which was more than 1500 Euros, when bought. I am not in particular a fan of a certain brand, but I do admit that all of my active bikes come from the brand with the three tuning forks. I did have the odd rocket from other oriental and even European manufacturers under the belt of my ownership, but there's only a very few, I've stayed for a longer period of time.

Truth be told, I am also strongly into engineering of all sorts and as such you'll find the odd post about lathe- or milling-work and welding-techniques, etc. on this blog.

Now if you fancy employing my services, you can either leave a comment under one of the posts on the blog or send me an email to

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