Wednesday, 13 July 2016

XS400 to 450 Project (part 3) - a boring job

No really. Boring the cylinder block for the liners has got to be one of the most annoyingly boring jobs in this whole build. Each pass was 0.25mm on the diameter, because of the long boring bar and the resulting tool-chatter I had to endure.

Let's start with the aftermath: Looks like a lot of swarf after boring ? Check the last picture...

Now you know, you did a good job, when both holes are within 0.01mm. (At least that's what the internal mic said, i.e. it's below the instrument's accuracy, I presume!)

So this job starts, where the last one left off. And the it's a lot of iterations of the same really...

Bored and chamfered.

 Now that's what I call swarf... and I cleaned it up half way through the job!

Bore for the liner is now bigger than the case mouths. So that's the next job to do. 

Oh and as I said, it was a rather boring job...

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