Friday, 3 February 2017

SR500 hack - more fault finding

One could really be under the impression, that the old girl just hasn't heard about the signs of the times and simply just doesn't want to leave. The other thing that might be just as true is that as the bike is being sold off to a friend, I simply don't want to take any chances and just make sure it's gonna be as reliable with her as it was with me.

Amongst the ignition, I still suspected the coil to be slightly troublesome, mainly because I did always have some issues with hot-starts and some odd misfiring, which no amount of re-jetting could fully cure. (And after almost a decade of riding Eastern Bloc bikes, I did have my fine share of failed coils.)

Luckily I've bought a new (spare) coil for my old SR a while back from Kedo. It said universal 6V+12V coil for XT and SR on the box and I never bothered to have a real look. Turns out this one runs a different connector and is slightly smaller than stock.

Nevertheless a bit of cunning wiring later and a test was to be conducted. (I then cut off the wiring and plug from the old coil and made an adapter, but somehow I forgot to take a picture.)

And guess what, all the misfires are gone now. Yet still, it cuts out and looses spark when hot and can't be restarted. I'll cross-reference the igniton with some components from a friend's SR500 and hopefully that'll finally cure it.

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