Saturday, 11 February 2017

XS250/360/400/500 rearwheel into XS650(SE)

Now one would assume (lightheartedly nonetheless), that if your XS650SE runs on a 16" rear, that the simillar looking 18" from the XS250/360/400/500 should bolt right in ... more or less. Less. The chainrun is about 7mm off and needs to be closer to the wheel.

The idea behind this adapter was two-fold: Space the sprocket out by 7mm and reinforce the sprocket studs with some POM-rings to stiffen up the whole lot. The major dimensions, in case you want to copy it:

Now the fun started, when my mate Alex came round with a 10mm piece of flat aluminium, so the first hour was spent in actually transferring the all the basic dimensions onto the flat stock and then cut it down far enough so I could actually chuck it up in my lathe...

Things are starting to take shape...

Came out nicely and should explain the drawing.

The XS500 wheel and as you can see, the studs have been milled down on two sides, as to align the sprocket. 

It fits!

Four more POM-spacers to stiffen things up.

Et voilá: The finished product. There's six hours between the first and the last picture... 


  1. Beautiful Greg. A lot of work on a part that no-one will ever notice, (except those that know....) Love the cutting fluid stain up the wall at the back of the lathe! I've ruined my Barry Sheene poster at the back of my lathe the same way!

    1. Grease makes yer work go with ease! ;-)

      And yes, but Alex does and he appeared very, very happy so all is well. Especially as it seems that was the last stone in the way of getting his marvellous XS650-tracker on the road.