Sunday 19 March 2017

Eaton M45 on a TR1, perhaps?

I am of course not (yet) admitting that there will be a new project, but a potential project has already been christianed "Project Super TR1".

This post is mainly meant to give you an idea on the overall dimensions of an Eaton M45. And the next post will give you a *VERY* crude formula to work out supercharger sizing for your engine and thereby outline, why an M45 is about the right size for an 1100cc V-twin, but too big for a 1000cc inline four.

Let's dive into it then: The Eaton M45 I use, is out of a early 2000s Mercedes C180/200 Kompressor and goes by the Mercedes part no: A 271 090 20 80 or Eaton 307961.

By the way this is what you'll usually find, when you buy one from a wreckers:

As a matter of fact, only the portion in the red box is the actual supercharger. It measures approx. 250 by 180 by 130mm (length, width, height). An M62 is the same width and height, but is substantially longer and the M62 has got an electro-magnetic clutch behind the pulley, which is also the easiest way to find out which model the supercharger is that you're looking at. The other thing to note: This particular Eaton blower spins clock-wise and the pulley is roughly 71.5mm in diameter.

The following pictures are merely to illustrate how I took the measurements.

In the next post, I'll outline a *VERY* crude formula for guesstimating (I won't go as far as call this a calculation) supercharger-sizing in relation to engine size and thereby calculate also the resulting boost.

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