Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Ms. Braaaaaap - dressing up

Ever since I resurrected Ms. Braaaaaap, I decided that contrary to my normal belief, I'd also do some cosmetic work on the old girl.

One of the things I completely stopped noticing was that the cylinder head was a bit cosmetically challenged.

Which was quite easily remedied with a bit of heat resistant paint and a file to clean up the cooling fins on the engine.

The pictures don't really do it justice, but I do have to admit it looks nicer and the bike looks a lot more tidy than before. But Ms. Braaaaaap is a cruel mistress, was she greatful for me taking care about her looks? Nope. The rear tube is flat (probably damaged during the tyre install) and she now sports an odd misfire and then she invariably cuts out, which is either the coil or some blockage in one of the carbs air-passages. Well, I was planning to spend a bit more time wrenching on her, so I guess she'll get her will...

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