Monday, 31 July 2017

The XS Triple Sidecar - finishing the sidecar

With the XS Triple Sidecar slowly turning into a suXSess-sidecar, there's a lot of small jobs that I've postponed, but which are either necessary or really ruin the fun to be had.

First up was the thread of the clutch-cable adjuster. The first two or three threads were well and truly f*cked. Nothing a tap wouldn't fix, but ... 

Next a decent front mudguard was to be installed as the one originally on it was made of GRP and mostly consisted of hairline cracks... 

Both the sidecar mudguard and the original wiring loom routed inside it were well and truly past it, so I had to get a new (to me) mudguard and a new wiring harness and fit it. This also meant getting new sidecar light holders as the old ones were rusted quite thin...

One of the most bizarre truths about Russian/Ukraine and Soviet stuff is: The older the part the better the quality, so in which case you always go with the oldest working part. In this case this meant re-fitting some old lights from the 60ies or 70ies that were still "CCCP"-marked instead of later (mid-90ies) stuff as the threads on the back were galled up. Still no total loss as they provided some new "E"-marked lenses.

Next step was to connect the dots and hook up the sidecar lights with the rear lights (and to do that in a fashion that makes it easy to remove)

And the last step was to cut out the left sidepanel to clear the sidecar-mount.

And there she is in all her beauty... 

The right sidepanel will need more tweaking to make it fit, so it's best left for another day. 😉

The next installment will most likely be about dialing the sidecar in and making some more efficient muffler-inserts.

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