Thursday, 27 July 2017

The other XS Triple Sidecar - finishing fuel petcock adapters

Now this is "just" a quick intermission, as I am actually really busy on my new XS Triple Side. (Or success sidecar as someone dubbed it by now - not sure whether that's sarcastic or not!)

The other XS Triple Sidecar is still for sale and one of the things I found out: Even though the petcocks weren't leaking, when I installed the fuel tank, now after some use they are. So recently I decided to make some adapters to fit standard M16x1 Guzzi-petcocks.

This is the penultimate step before fitting them to the bike. As I epoxied them in there was some ridges on the back, which had to be milled down.

As the stock petcocks were also flowing very unequally (as was visible via the filters installed), I hope to kill two birds with one stone and make sure that the bike now finally works as it should and hopefully very soon make someone happy.

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