Wednesday, 5 July 2017

The XS Triple Sidecar - making those VM roundslide carbs work

The uni year has ended and this means on the contrary that I am back in the workshop and making some progress.

One of my big misconceptions with this whole VM36 setup out of a skidoo was to think it would be quick 'n' easy. Apparently even when those carbs look 99% like standard Mikuni items, there's a few funny differences compared to a stock VM36/38 carb.

 It's the literally millions of tiny modifications, e.g. the needle is held down with a special clip in the slide unlike as on any other Mikuni VM, I've ever seen. Next the carb-top-cable-adjusters had to be drilled out to 3.5mm to make the cables go through (they were originally part of the throttle-cables) and the list goes on like that...

Lots of measuring was involved in order to get all the cables to the right length and yes it took two attempts (of course).

Once the cables were done at the right length it was assembly time, which presented it's very own problems as in space under the tank was a bit tight and stock routing was absolutely impossible.  (Also to make sure, I didn't have to route the cables in sharp bends...)

So was it worth it...? It took a few attempts to make it fire up and the carbs will require quite a bit of fettling to get them right, but I am pretty convinced that the final result will be worth it.

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