Tuesday, 6 February 2018

XT600 carnage

Carnage that's quite a word isn't it. Even more so, if the term is applied to an XT600 engine. This engine belongs to a friend and we basically dissected it to hopefully salvage the gearbox.

[Spoiler alert: that didn't work.]

The engine on its own didn't look too bad and even the starter was still spinning, when you pressed the button...

 Uh oh... that's the woodruff key cleanly sheared off.

Head did have some oil in it. Camshaft bearing surfaces are definitely shot.

But on the contrary those rockers are well usable again.

Now we're getting close. Rings stuck, piston skirt massively scratched. (No picture, but the cylinder is definitely salvageable with an overbore.)

Now we're definitely getting closer: Look at the lock-washer on the crank gear, that's bent over.

And this must be the infamous Yamaha Crankcase Ventilation System (YCVS)!

Obviously the counterbalancer and the crank became a bit intimate. No reports whether kissing happened with or without tongue, but definitely without mutual consent.

The bit poking up: That's the cast material around the bearing of the balancer shaft.

So,  is this ... the Summer edition?

All that is left in the end...

... and yes it was meant to look a bit like a splatter movie.

Next update will be on "project intermission" - curious? Nah, me neither. 😜

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