Saturday, 28 July 2018

The Turbo TR1 - some updates (part 2)

During the course of the frame re-build of my Tractor, the Turbo had to share its forks to the everyday bike until I receive a new downtube and can fix the forks that belong onto the everyday bike.

So it's back to that set of perfectly straight and really nice stock forks and stock frontwheel on the Turbo TR1. 

But there's also been some progress on the business end of the turbo setup. As I found out, the inlet diameter of a GT1540 is exactly the same as the inner diameter of a KTM640 inlet manifold rubber, now add a Mikuni BST40 to the mix and this will become a very nice setup, I presume.

At the moment I need a bit of spare time or in other words have to finish the engine build and a bit of stainless tubing and a few bends and the old girl should be mostly there again.

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