Sunday, 1 July 2018

The XS Triple Sidecar - swapping out the ignition advancer springs

Thanks to a hint from another XS-triple rider, I found out that the German owners club actually does replacement ignition advancer springs. Now ever since, the ignition had been wandering quite a bit at idle and when hot I could also hear pinging at mid-rpm.

New springs installed, old black springs next to the ignition baseplate. Note: you have to cut them on one side a bit or otherwise you can't hook them into the holes on the flyweights. 

Checking up on the eyeball-timing I did at my mate's place and as you can see, the timing is so stable now, you can even take photos of it. 

And as I had the tools out anyway, I bent the bulb holder of the taillight a bit tighter, so the rear light would stop flopping around. 

Only downside to all of this: Now I really gotta tackle the carbs again. BUT I have an absolutely solid idle now.

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