Wednesday, 5 October 2016

The XS Triple Sidecar - Overhauling brakes

Of course you CAN make old brakes work again by pushing out the pistons and polishing them and yes even old master cylinders can be brought back to life by pretty much the same method, but let's face it: I'm building this XS Triple Sidecar to be a daily driver and it's a lot less fun overhauling a failed rear master cylinder, while it's drizzling down on you than doing it right now inside the workshop.

That said, the brakes were working(-ish), when rolling the XS down the ramp. But as usual with a bike parked up this long it wasn't exactly an act of vanity to overhaul them.

 Stainless steel brake piston for longevity and the standard Far Eastern seal kit.

 Doesn't look too bad, does it?

With the brake piston removed.

Sludge gallore.

The original piston after cleanup: The small dots are indents,
 where rust has eaten away the chrome plating!

I always keep a few sets of used pads handy, when you want to overhaul brakes and then still have to do for example the forkseals or are not sure whether the forks/rear shocks are truly oiltight.

Pretty much my standard brake mastercylinder: 14mm Diversion thingy. Works brilliant and is to be had rather cheaply. 

Next time: We'll get started on the subframe.

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