Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Very late August/September project overview

... or what you could have missed:

  1. Most importantly I started a new project: The XS750 Sidecar project, which occupies quite a lot more of my (currently rather limited) time. So far I brought the bike back to life and made sure it would (sort of) handle and stop (pretty good) and built a subframe for the sidecar, which took quite a bit longer than I anticipated. It also was quite a bit trickier to fulfill all the requirements I put upon myself, so I mostly only have to blame myself.
  2. I did quite a bit of riding on the everyday TR1 and fiddled with some issues that bothered me for a long time, such as the missing oil-pressure sender and I've built the most sophisticated exhaust (Mk.7) I have done so far for it. 

  3. Lastly I just bought a "new" car - a proper soccer mum's Volvo estate from the late 90ies and as I usually intend to keep my cars for a while this means I have to do some repairs and maintenance to make it fit for the upcoming Winter, which is additionally eating into my time budget. 
Aside from that the next things you may expect are an exhaust for the XS750 sidecar and quite a bit of fiddling with the sidecar swingarm in order to make both the wheel and brake go on there. Additionally I have got my hands on a set of VM36 roundslide carbs, which should get things moving a bit more ... interestingly once they have been cleaned and jetted. Then have everything taken apart once more and have the subframe zinc plated and the tub sandblasted to make all of it last a little bit. Subsequently you shall get a little insight on the steps required to get such a homegrown contraption through with the Austrian authorities and then hopefully also some ride reports and first impressions!

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