Saturday, 21 April 2018

Getting Dre-XT-Stück ready for its roadworthyness inspection (and making her mine)

As some may (or may not) remember, I was given the Dre-XT-Stück as a Christmas-present and also somewhat for fixing up the pretty one. Truth is, life aside from what you see on the blog is keeping me quite busy, so in reality I haven't done much to her.

In an attempt to "make her mine" and get some other stuff dialed in, I changed the gear-lever position to fit with my boots.

Fitted some new and some not so new sidecover rubber grommets...

... and installed an auto-decompressor cable to make kickstarting a bit more comfortable. 

Lest I forget, there's also a new horn hidden underneath the tank, which is obnoxiously loud. (Or in other words PERFECT!)

Additionally I swapped out the stock carb for one out of a later XT600, as the carb that was installed was overhauled with an XT600 43F jet kit, which meant every single jet in there was too big. As my dad and me plan to do some rideouts and only I will have panniers on the XT, it also leads to the convenient situation, that we only have to carry one set of throttle cables. (As the ones from a 43F are ever so slightly shorter!) Unfortunately this carb is also jetted a bit rich as it has got bigger mains in both carb bodies, which probably works brilliantly in a 600, but in the 500 not so much... but still these jets at the very least are still available. I also have to make a new choke cable, because 90 Euros for a choke knob is a but much for my taste.

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