Friday, 25 May 2018

Everyday TR1 - starter swaps and other woes

Now my everyday TR1 "mule", is a good old girl. Generally she only lets me down when there's really no way of keeping it up anymore. And it was well about time again.

The most obvious issue was the starter, originally I thought the battery (well deserved after five years), was a bit weak in the knee, but...

Now the beautiful beads you see in there are most likely grease I applied last year to grease the shaft in the bushing. Unfortunately it smeared all over the rotor and shorted everything out. 

After a bit of cleanup, I thought I was in the clear again. But unfortunately the brushes are already bottoming out and are quite badly.

So after the old starter had come out, there was even more graphite shmoo everywhere...

Now for some odd reason, I started taking new starters apart and so far I have always found something... Pictured below is the pin that is supposed the hold the outer planetary gear ring in place.

Luckily the planetary gear were alright, so the starter swap was doable without draining the oil.

And then... not much the old girl was limping on just the rear cylinder. New spark plugs didn't cure it and after a bit of thinking (and much cursing) the coils were swapped and guess what: at least the front coil was plagued for quite a while, as all of a sudden the misfires that started during Summer last season had vanished.

While I was at it, I applied a new tune to my Ignitech ignition and also apply a tune to the turbo's box, just to make sure it actually works. 

Tricky trick: as the rev-limiter hits really hard, I programmed the advance curve so it goes down from max. RPM to zero advance, which leads to the bike softly stopping to rev any further.

So this is a kind of short break from building the new engine, but as I have written before, this is my DAILY and as such it has to work...

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