Wednesday 9 May 2018

The Turbo TR1 - GT15-turbo build (part 1)

"Auferstanden aus Ruinen" used to be the national anthem of the former German Democratic Republic and pretty much the same goes for this turbo setup. (Guess what, I haven't been working on the turbo for no reason...)

As I am a dedicated believer in recycling, I took an older set of turbo-headers, which I built for a TD04 and cut the flang off, as the waterjet-cutter messed this one up ages ago.

Turns out, with a bit of wiggling around you can fit a GT15 flange onto a TD04 flange, even when the whole flange came out roughly 10 percent too small. 

Drilling 10mm stainless steel, which has already work-hardened due to welding, is no fun though.

Not perfect, but it seals up good enough and it meant reusing some older headers. 

Fitted to the bike. It's just incredible, how much smaller the GT15 is compared to the T3 that was on there before. 

Next up on the list is to build a new 2in1-inlet-manifold and make an exhaust-flange from some stainless plate. As this is a bit of a side project, please be patient, this will take the backseat more than once against other projects like building the new everyday TR1 engine.

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