Tuesday, 1 May 2018

The XS Triple Sidecar - modifying flatslides to work (part 3)

If you thought we were done last time... well, think again. 😏 The whole setup is pretty much alright by now, except for a somewhat leaky middle carb.

So first things first: Find out where the leak is. I used some tyre chalk, because that's what I had at hand.

Now that was no good news, mainly because it wasn't leaking at the flange, but to the left of it.Time to paint the sidecover and do some thinking.

As it was absolutely impossible to spot, I took the carb out and hooked it up to a fuel bottle and ... see for your self. The mother of all hairline cracks, but only visible under the right lighting.

Copious amounts of metal-powder-reinforced epoxy raisin should sort that out. With that sorted, I should finally be able to focus on jetting them correctly now.

And a day later, it's finally sorted, the raisin has cured and there's no leakage (but lots of pollen!)

Oh and while I was at it, the old girl now sports a lovely taillight of a Guzzi V7 Sport from the 1970ies.

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