Friday, 25 March 2016

The Turbo TR1 (part 2) - disassembling the stock engine

As I pointed out in the very first post regarding the turbo bike, it came to me almost for free, mostly because it was in a terrible state and due to the seized engine. 

 Nevertheless it was said to be a very low mileage bike, so I was somewhat hoping that I could still salvage some good parts. I was absolutely right about that. After a bit of cleanup and new valve stems, the original heads went onto my everyday TR1 and served me fine for the whole season.
 You could even see the honing cross hatch marks on the cylinder bore, indicating that the around 30,000km on the clock must be about right.

With the frame lifted off the engine and heads and cylinders pulled there's only four bolts holding the swingarm onto the engine, which makes the whole lot quite easy to handle. 

The whole lot on the workbench, clutch and primary gears for the front cylinder already removed.

 Right side of the crank case lifted off - still no nasty surprises.
 The otherside of the right engine case.
 And the left crankcase side with the rotor, oilpump and rear cylinder primary gears removed .

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