Saturday, 19 March 2016

XS 400 RatRacer exhaust building (part 5)

With the "Bergrennen St.Martin/Landshaag" coming nearer, it's well about time to get the RatRacer finished. The list has grown sympathetically short by now and one of the last major issues is the state of the exhausts and their mounting. 

The silencers started their life as generic "Sito"-brand replacement mufflers. They are reflection dampers and they were indeed very quiet. As such they immediately had to donate their innards to the gods of speed. (Sorry no photos, but trust me, it was messy!) With nothing left to hold on to, I had to TIG-weld the endcaps back on. The mufflers must have been dropped at least once in their life, because they were rather egg shaped on the end cap thus resulting in a not too pleasant to look at weld.

 Some flatblack paint hides the worst...

Next: On to the hangers. I chose some 30x2mm stainless flat stock, mostly because I had it in the shop already and it's sturdy enough to take some abuse. 

Luckily my XS400 started out as the dreadful XS400 SE-modell (i.e. some custom variant, with a grabrail, high-bars and a smaller rear wheel.) Now the grab-rail was fixed to the same studs that hold the shocks, so there was a convenient place to fix the silencer hangers onto. A bit of ally round stock and presto, we have spacers.

 Some trimming left to do, but job's a good un'.

The finished product.

 A few more things to do: re-jet the carbs (mains too big), fit a numberplate on the front (not delivered yet) and re-paint the fuel tank.

And then a bit more testriding was due:

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