Sunday, 27 March 2016

The Turbo TR1 (part 3) - parting out a perfectly good XV1100 engine

Next on the list was to part out a low-mileage XV1100 Virago engine, which I literally only bought for the crank, pistons and cylinders. As it turned out, the pre-owner's claims that the bike was set aside because the shaft drive coupling broke were actually true.

Both sidecovers removed and one can see, why you can't use the XV1100 rotor on the TR1 - it's a lot bigger and only has one nose to trigger the ignition.

 A universal three-leg-puller plus a bit of heat (best with an oxy-torch) and the rotor will pop right off.
 A XV1100 gearbox in absolutely pristine condition. This will go in the everyday TR1 in 2017, I guess. Not because its gearbox is bad, but the 1100 sports a longer 5th gear and altering the final drive ratio AND maintaining the chain enclosure in one go is unfortunately impossible.
The XV1100 crank, a bit over 12 kg of rotating mass - 1.8 kg more than a stock TR1, but also 5mm more stroke.

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