Wednesday, 31 August 2016

2016 Gmunden Bikedays

Currently working on a lot of (not-yet presentable) projects, so some pictures of my favourite bikes of the 2016 Gmunden Bikeday will have to make do for now.

Personally I was very, very fond of the Exesor Sprint Beemer, which was my personal highlight. Oh and of course the Indian Scout.

A very sexy TR1... as usual the nice bikes aren't to be seen at the show, but in the parking lot - But then again I may be biased! ;-)

My dad wanted me to take a picture of that...
 And here we have the Exesor Sprint-Beemer, which I honestly thought is pretty cool. I can see lots and lots of tuning potential on this one though...

Brilliant sidecar

The Sporty exhaust is kinda nice...
 Well and then there were those two bikes from Munich, which honestly were pretty grand. Ratty and tatty just how I like 'em. (Even though it was faux-ratty-ness!) But with proper Dellorto 40 carbs, so I secretly hope they're not just show-ponies.


I've got a soft spot for nice Guzzis.

Don't think that turbo's doing much, but hey...

The tail's a bit inspirational
 And I have to admit, I'd take this one home in an instant... it was leaking, rough in various spots, but it sported the coolest badge ever.

Another Beemer and the seat was kinda nice.

And just as we were about to leave, this Indian came round (and not on a trailer)!

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