Wednesday, 10 August 2016

The Dre-XT-Stück - more work that needs to be done

Back in pre-EU days Austria was a weird country when it came to motorized vehicles. The one most apparent in this particular case was the fact that Austria only knew two tax-classes for motorcycles: sub 500 cc and from 501 onwards. As such motorcycles such as an XT600 would have cost the same to insure as an old Zed thou or the like. Consequently various manufacturers offered sleeved down models in Austria to circumvent this situation. My dad's XT500 is exactly such a case. It's a model 55A, which most closely corresponds to the international 43F-model.

Whilst overhauling the carbs the last time, there was still some more left to do this time:

  • Adjust the float height correctly

  •  Overhaul the front-brake and fit it with a stainless brake piston and new pads

  •  Put on some nicer used sidepanels and headlamp mask
  • And lastly tune the carbs and test-ride the lot. Just for those interested - the secondary carb is supposed to open at 7mm slide movement of the primary carb plus the odd extra turn on the adjuster to make the transition go smoother. 

And trust me you can spend a whole afternoon trying to get those carbs *JUST* right...

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