Sunday, 14 May 2017

The XS Triple Sidecar - VM carbs

Having fed my engine-swap-fetish for a while, I've finally started to make some progress on the XS Triple sidecar. One of the things, which annoyed me in the past were those pesky CV carbs. Don't get me wrong: They do work fine, but ever since I felt the difference on my TR1, I knew I wanted MOAAAR.

Bring on VM36es out of a snowmobile. A while ago I cleaned them in an ultrasonic bath and may I say: They came out quite clean. 

The stock jetting was obviously for a two-stroke, so I've rather conservatively jetted them to #17, #145. That's what I ran my Mikuni CV-carbs out of a Triumph years ago and it seemed to be quite alright. Or let's put it this way, it should at the very least fire up with this setup. 

New breather tubes fitted. The stock ones were hard as a coffin nail and like glass. This time I used some silicone hose intended for usage in a chemistry lab, which was over the due date. (It's mad where you can find TÜV-regulations...) Why put on breather tubes anyway? Well, they are directly connected to the float bowl and the tubes prevent/limit dust/water ingress into the float chambers, so they actually are quite useful. 

They are a bit of a snug fit with the breather tubes routed to the sides but it is doable. 

Really curious on how they will perform, even though this still may be a few days away as I have to re-wire the XS for the 850 engine.

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