Monday, 29 May 2017

XT500 - parts swappery and other ways to kill some time

Firstly let's start off with the fact, that my workshop is about 7km from my flat. That day the tripmeter read about 60 until I got there. But hey, the sun was shining, the everyday TR1 ran great and you can't always work, right?

That being said, it was time to swap out the tyres and wheels and the front forks to get the old XT read for sale. So if you're in the market for a non-stock XT500 with lots of grunt, this might be for you...

The old XT600 frontend had to come off and be substituted with a set of Wilbers-tuned XT550 forks, which came off a friend's VMX-Twinshock racebike and are absolutely awesome! (Super sensitive to bumps, yet they don't bottom out...)

One of the things I really, really hate is to clean my bike and guess what? It shows. I didn't even know, that the rear chain adjusters are silver and not black... 😆

After being a good boy and working on the XT, I also fitted a new rear tyre onto the (at the moment turbo-less) Turbo-TR1 and fit the correct front-wheel on my XS Triple Sidecar.

There will be a specific "For Sale" post with regards to the XT500, but there's still some work to do, so don't expect it before the end of the week.

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