Saturday, 6 May 2017

The XS Triple Sidecar - engine swappery

The morning started rather decent with me and Mr. Meow picking up the slightly crusty 850 from storage...

(There's about 20km between those two pictures!)

Post lunch it was get-the-old-750-out o' clock

The 4 driveshaft-bolts have to be removed

Oilfilter-housing has to be removed as well
... and it comes out rather easily.

Glory/gory shot of the oil-cooler-sandwich-plate
 And is in before you know it.

Exhaust installed again and everything's fine.

 Everything? No. Unfortunately one of the pistons rusted to the cylinder bore and I am not entirely sure anymore whether it spun over when I bought it or not and this was because it was a bit damp when being stored... Which in turns means, next week, the other XS-Triple-Sidecar will donate its presumably flawless engine to this cause and the other XS-Triple-Sidecar will receive the 750 (which runs fine, but re-registering my 750 to an 850 after getting all the paperwork done is a nightmare, which means I have to get all the mods I want to have in the papers in one go or pay stupid amounts of extra money...)

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