Monday, 8 May 2017

The other XS Triple Sidecar - engine swaps part 2

If you suffer from a bit of a deja vu, well you may have seen *just* that before. After some grinding of teeth and some mumbling and grumbling, because of the other f*cked 850 I finally decided to take the "other" XS Triple sidecar apart and nick its working 850 from it and install it in my sidecar and as a substitute install the old 750 in the other sidecar. At this point I do have to stop and thank my dad for spending his Sunday afternoon with me and swapping round engines. (It's much appreciated, really!)

The starting point, not too bad, if I may say so. (Front brakes have been bled once more as I had almost run out of brake-fluid last time and now it's all fresh and good to go!)

Airbox and carbs out, all the electrical connections disconnected.

Sidecar taken off

850 Engine out.

750 engine in.
(There's about an hour between these two pictures, but not because it was such a tough job, but because this one doesn't have a centre stand and that new motorcycle lift wasn't exactly working satisfactory...)

Sidecar reattached.

So now I have a working 850 engine sitting in my workshop, waiting for its turn and this one is waiting for a 750 wiring loom transplant. Next job will be to take the sump of the 850 out of this one and clean it out, while it's still out of the frame and also install some new spark plugs and then if my plan works out, I can put it back in second half of the week (other tasks permitting).

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