Saturday, 3 June 2017

Boring yokes of Tom's RD400

My mate Tom recently passed by and asked me for a favour: He had just bought a RD400, but the original forks were completely shot. But as a true Yamaha-connoisseur he used to own several SR500s and had some good fork legs sitting around. The only problem: RD400s run 34mm forks and SR500s 35mm forks. Which is exactly where I came into play.


The thing with such jobs is, that it takes longer to have everything centered under the boring head than the actual boring job and even that takes quite a while. All in all it took the better part of two hours to have the yokes bored out to size.

There'll be an update on my XS Sidecar very soon, but I've been working a lot on my other XS Triple Sidecar and the XT to get them ready for their respective sales and had to do some fixing up on my car. So there's not that much to show as of yet.


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    1. Cheers mate, just trying to help a friend out to get his dreambike back on the road on a budget!